Terms of Use for Job Seekers

Effective 01.08.2020

General Terms of Use for Job Seekers utilizing the Women and Drones (W&D) Job Posting Service

By using this service, you agree to comply to our Terms of Use regarding the appropriate use of the Women and Drones Job Posting Service.

NOTE: The Terms of Use may be updated at any time and without notice.

1. Job Ads or Job Listings

The Women and Drones Job Posting Service, which is free to Job Seekers, may make available certain Job Ads advertising employment opportunities and other job-related content, including links to third-party websites (“Job Listings” or “Job Ads”), through Women and Drones search results or otherwise through the Site. Job Ads are created and provided by third parties over whom Women and Drones exercises no control; you acknowledge and understand that Women and Drones has no control over the content of Job Ads, links to or from Job Ads, or any conditions third parties might impose once a Job Seeker has submitted an application or left the Site. For example, some of these third parties may attempt to charge Job Seekers a fee to apply to a particular job, although Women and Drones endeavors not to make such Job Ads available on the Site. If you leave the Women and Drones Site and choose to enter a third-party website, you accept any terms and conditions imposed by that third-party. Except for certain sponsored, featured or paid placements, the Job Ads contained on, or linked from, the Site are indexed or posted in an automated manner. Women and Drones has no obligation to screen any Job Ads, or to include any Job Ads in its search results or other listings, and may exclude or remove any Job Ads from the Site for any or no reason. We cannot confirm the accuracy or completeness of any Job Ad or other information submitted by any Employer or other user, including the identity of such Employer or other user. Women and Drones assumes no responsibility, and disclaims all liability for the content, accuracy, completeness, legality, reliability, or availability of any Job Ads, Company Pages, screener questions and responses, and assessments. Additionally, Women and Drones may provide search options to narrow down Job Ads search results by job type categories (i.e. full-time, part-time, etc.), and such categories are created independently and entirely by Women and Drones, and may not directly or accurately reflect the content of the Job Ads. Women and Drones may reformat Job Listings so that you may read them more clearly on a mobile phone. While Women and Drones may in some circumstances be compensated by employers who post Job Ads, helping keep Women and Drones free for Job Seekers, all Job Ads are considered advertising. Women and Drones displays Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as search terms and other activity on Women and Drones. You are not permitted to use Women and Drones’s Site or its content other than for non-commercial purposes.

2. Resumes and Recommended Jobs

By creating a resume through the Site, you are requesting and authorizing Women and Drones to make available your resume to any Employer that Women and Drones believes may have an interest in your resume. By creating or uploading a resume on Women and Drones (an “Women and Drones Resume”), Women and Drones may share with you Job Listings that match the contents of your Women and Drones Resume. Women and Drones assumes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the resume or application information you post, send or receive through the Site. If you see any inaccuracy in any such material, it is your responsibility to correct such information or to contact Women and Drones to do so.

Women and Drones may also automatically send you recommended jobs via the email address you use to create an Women and Drones account or apply to a job. Women and Drones may determine what these recommended jobs are on the basis of a variety of factors, including but not limited to, any information you input on the Site about yourself resume, searches you run on the Site, jobs you click on, jobs you apply to, or the materials you provide in a job application to an Employer through Women and Drones.

3. Applying to Jobs Through Women and Drones

Any resume or application information that you submit through the Site, including Personal Data included in a resume, application or responses to screener questions and assessments, is subject to this Agreement and to the Women and Drones Privacy Policy. Women and Drones may use your application materials to determine whether you may be interested in a Job Listing, and Women and Drones may reach out to you about such Job Listing. Women and Drones may store such information regardless of whether a Job Listing has been closed or is no longer available on the Site. To maintain the quality of the Site and Services, Women and Drones in its sole discretion may impose limits on your ability to apply to Job Listings through Women and Drones or to other Women and Drones services. In addition, when you indicate your interest in a Job Listing through Women and Drones or by RSVPing to a hiring event you are sending your resume and application information to Women and Drones, and you are requesting and authorizing Women and Drones to make available such application information to the applicable Employer(s) for such Job Listing(s). When you ask Women and Drones to transmit an application or a message, including, but not limited to, a signed offer letter, to an Employer via the Women and Drones system, or store such application, you understand that this is without warranty, and that Women and Drones reserves the right to reformat such application or message.

When you apply for a job on Women and Drones you agree to Women and Drones performance of automated processing in relation to your application, as such processing is an essential part of this Agreement. Additionally, you consent to your application and any responses sent to you by the Employer (including offer letters) through Women and Drones being processed and analyzed by Women and Drones according to this Agreement and the Women and Drones Privacy Policy.

When you apply to a job using the Women and Drones Job Posting Service, Women and Drones will attempt to send your application to the contact information provided to us by an Employer or their Agent. We cannot guarantee that such messages and applications will be delivered, received, accessed, read or acted upon. Women and Drones also does not guarantee that any Employer will receive, be notified about, access, read or respond to any such resume or other application material, or that there will be no mistakes in the transmission or storage of the data. However, Women and Drones may alert you when any of the above events occur. In addition, we cannot vouch for the validity of the contact information provided to us by Employers. We also cannot vouch for the technical capabilities of any third party sites, including but not limited to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs). If you do not feel comfortable sending an application or messages in this manner, or having your application or messages stored on Women and Drones, do not use the Women and Drones relay functions and please send your application or messages directly to the Employer by whatever other method you so choose, including the public mail system. You may contact the Employer directly to find alternative methods of application if you do not wish to apply through Women and Drones. By using the Women and Drones Job Posting Service system, you fully consent to the above. 

If you require alternative methods of screening or application you must approach the Employer directly to request such as Women and Drones is not responsible for the Employer application process.

By using Women and Drones, you agree that Women and Drones is not responsible for the content of the Employer’s job application, messages, screener questions, skills assessments or their format or method of delivery, and that Women and Drones does not guarantee receipt of your application by the Employer, or your receipt of messages from the Employer. Please note that Women and Drones does not choose the questions asked by Employers or decide the job qualification criteria of Employers. Women and Drones may inform Job Seekers that an Employer’s requirement from a job description does not appear to be present on a resume; this information is presented without warranty and Women and Drones does not guarantee that updating a resume will result in any job offer. Women and Drones does not guarantee the identity of an Employer or any individuals working for any Employers, and cautions Job Seekers when applying to jobs. Women and Drones does not guarantee the validity of a job offer and cautions Job Seekers to verify the validity of a job offer before taking an adverse action regarding their current employment situations. Job Seekers are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of any Employer or job offer.

4. Communications and Other Actions on the Site

When you view, send, store or receive materials (including Job Listings, resumes, and messages) through or using the Site, Women and Drones may, for example, use such materials for data analysis, quality control, or to refine the Site or any other Women and Drones product or service (including to provide better search results and other listings for Job Seekers and Employers), whether via automated means or otherwise. When an Employer views, sends, stores or receives materials through or using the Site, Women and Drones may also inform you that an Employer has taken an action with regards to a Job Ad, your Resume, or your application, such as pausing or closing a Job Ad, opening your Resume or application, viewing your Resume or application, responding to your Resume or application, and making a decision with regards to your application or Job Ad, and you hereby consent to Women and Drones taking such actions.

In certain instances, you may receive messages, emails or email notifications corresponding with your activity on or use of the Site. In all cases, such messages or notifications are provided solely as a courtesy. Women and Drones disclaims all warranties with regards to the transmission or storage of such courtesy notices, does not guarantee their delivery or receipt, and does not guarantee the date or time at which they may be sent. In the event a message being sent is intended for a closed account, these messages will not be deliverable.

5. Salary, Career, Hiring and Other Information Provided by Women and Drones

Women and Drones may provide certain categories of information to users for informational purposes only. For example, Women and Drones may provide you with data regarding estimated salaries for a certain Job Listing, or number of applies to a Job Listing. These figures provided by Women and Drones are estimates given for informational purposes only, and they are subject to change or varying levels of accuracy. Women and Drones may also include salary estimations on pages other than Job Listings on the Site. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon multiple third party submissions to Women and Drones, including from Women and Drones affiliates. These figures are given to Women and Drones users for the purpose of generalized comparison only. Minimum wage may differ by jurisdiction and you should consult the employer for actual salary figures.

Similarly, career-related or hiring-related information provided by Women and Drones is for informational purposes only, and is in no way to be construed as professional career counseling or staffing services. You understand that Women and Drones may give suggestions or information regarding best-practices, however, you understand that it is ultimately your responsibility to determine how to pursue your job search or candidate search. You further understand that in providing any such career or hiring guides, Women and Drones is not acting as a job placement agency or staffing firm. You also understand that by referring to or using such career or hiring guides, you are not guaranteed job interviews, job placement, or assurance of being hired, and you take full responsibility for use of these services or guides. As a user of the Site, Women and Drones may, from time to time, send you emails as part of its services to you. These emails may include but not be limited to next steps after you have submitted an application.

6. Your Job Seeker Data

As a Job Seeker, you take a variety of actions on our Site. For example, you search for jobs, and Women and Drones knows and stores the titles of jobs you search for and click on, where those jobs are located, the general salary range or experience level of the jobs you view (if indicated on the Job Listings), the Job Listings you apply to, your amount of activity or time of most recent activity on Women and Drones, information you provide directly to Women and Drones including desired salary or past experience, or any of your other behavior on the Site. You know exactly what this data is because you are the person who undertook the activity and the data pertains only to your activity. If you have a Women and Drones account, you agree that Women and Drones may associate this data with your Women and Drones Profile and use this observed factual data to suggest jobs to you and to suggest you or your public resume to Employers that might be interested in a person who matches your behavior on Women and Drones. You also agree that Women and Drones may contact you based on this observed behavior on behalf of Employers or Women and Drones itself. Please note, the aforementioned actions do not include information sent to you by a third party.

7. Screening Tools

Women and Drones may make tools available to Employers for Employer use in the application process, including screener questions. As a Job Seeker you agree that the Employer has made the determination to use these tools as part of its application process, and the questions asked are solely determined by the Employer, and are not being asked by Women and Drones. The Employer is the sole party to determine which answers will qualify a candidate and is solely responsible for the use of the screening tool including any results which are considered to have a “disparate impact”. You further acknowledge that only the Employer is responsible for offering alternative methods of screening, if so required by the Americans with Disabilities Act or any other equivalent state act. Women and Drones does not warrant that the method of delivery of these questions would be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act or any equivalent state act.

9. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

This Agreement and any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or related in any way to the Site (“Dispute”) will be governed as to all matters, including, but not limited to the validity, construction and performance of this Agreement, by and under the laws of the State of Illinois, United States of America. Any and all actions, lawsuits, or other legal proceedings related to such Dispute shall be filed only in courts located in Cook County, Illinois, U.S.A. Each of the Parties hereby consent to the exclusive personal jurisdiction of the federal or state courts located in Cook County, Illinois, U.S.A.

You also hereby waive any right to a jury trial in connection with any action or litigation in any way arising out of or related to your use of the Site or these terms of service.

10. Class Action Waiver

By using the Site and in return for the services offered by Women and Drones, you acknowledge that Women and Drones can only offer you these services under the terms and conditions as presented herein. As partial consideration for your use of the Site and these services, you agree not to sue Women and Drones as a class plaintiff or class representative, join as a class member, or participate as an adverse party in any way in a class-action lawsuit against Women and Drones regarding your use of the Site. Additionally, as a Job Seeker, your use of the Site is at no charge and you acknowledge that part of the price you are paying to use this Site is your acceptance of these terms of service including this Class Action Waiver. If you do not agree to any part of these terms, do not continue your use of the Site. Nothing in this paragraph, however, limits your rights to bring a lawsuit as an individual plaintiff, including in small claims court, subject to Section 9 above.